Westermo designs and manufactures data communications products for mission-critical systems in physically demanding environments. The products are used both in social infrastructure and process industries. Industrial grade data communications continues to grow as industry understands that its needs differ from that of the corporate IT world. In industrial environments operating environments are tough, expected lifetimes are in excess of 10 years and the impact of failure in the field can lead to business threating situations. All development and production takes place in Sweden at the company’s facilities in Stora Sundby and Västerås.

For more information, please visit: www.westermo.co.uk


Vaisala is the innovator of online moisture monitoring of transformer oil and offers a diverse portfolio of real-time online measurement transmitters for utilities who want to mitigate risks and safeguard their critical assets. Using Vaisala’s Optimus™ online DGA monitor, moisture-in-oil, hydrogen-in-oil, dewpoint, and density meters, utilities can safely increase equipment performance and prepare timely maintenance plans to prevent unexpected outages. Additionally, 24/7 monitoring provides early warnings of sudden changes in your valuable assets without waiting for lab results. With more than 80 years’ experience in measurement instrument development and equipment used in more than 150 countries, Vaisala continues to develop ground-breaking new technologies for the power industry.

For more information, please visit: www.vaisala.com

Oxford Computer Consultants

OCC has been providing software development services since 1989. With our specialist skills in numerical applications and asset modelling we have been delivering energy solutions since 1997. OCC’s development team blends strong technical skills with UX design to transform innovation into business-as-usual software applications. We work across all platforms: web, mobile and desktop, building systems that fit the business and user environment. Our work has supported gas ramp-rate studies, investment-option visualisation, thermal modelling of supergrid transformers, buried cables, cables in tunnels, overhead lines and ultimately circuit-level modelling. Our teams thrive on providing software solutions to challenging problems and we support all our development work with first-class support and a full range of IT services.

For more information, please visit: www.oxfordcc.co.uk/projects


For over 100 years, Megger has been designing and manufacturing high-quality test and measurement equipment for the electrical power industry. From the first insulation tester to the latest test and diagnostic methods, Megger has always been at the forefront of electrical instrumentation design. Megger has the largest range of any test equipment manufacturer in the power sector, for low-voltage networks, substation and cable testing. Concentrating on practical, safe products and testing procedures, Megger products help power utilities assess their asset condition and find faults fast to help ensure a reliable network supply, keeping their customers’ Power On.

For more information, please visit: uk.megger.com

Line search before U dig (LSBUD)

LinesearchbeforeUdig (LSBUD) is a free to use online enquiry service providing utility mapping records across the UK. It helps prevent damage and disruption to pipe and cable networks, processing more than 2 million enquiries per annum on behalf of 60+ asset owners. For the user (third party), it provides information about members’ assets quickly and efficiently so you can complete your works safely. For the member (asset owner), it helps protect and improve the resilience of your infrastructure by increasing third parties’ knowledge of your assets, encouraging safer working environments and reducing asset strikes. LinesearchbeforeUdig, protecting lives, cables and pipes.

For more information, please visit: www.lsbud.co.uk


Fugro’s revolutionary Roames’ 3D virtual world service provides costs savings of up to 40% on OPEX budget. It delivers a complete and accurate 3D virtual model of a power company’s assets that can be used by infrastructure managers to investigate and monitor the condition and performance of their network without the need to deploy workers to the field. Within Roames, assets are modelled with their relevant structural, mechanical, electrical, and thermal characteristics, enabling a deeper understanding of asset behaviour and supporting many asset management activities. Roames can help optimise your investments and streamline maintenance while improving safety and customer service.

For more information, please visit: www.fugro.com/roames

Cosmo Tech

Highly networked and complex industries with assets worth billions of pounds demand that asset managers and decision makers not only plan for the year ahead, but for 20, 30, and 50 years ahead. Investment, maintenance, and regulatory decisions made today have long-term impact that are impossible for any one individual to predict. What’s more, these complex asset management questions cannot be answered by adding more people to a team, involving more individuals in the decision making process, or by relying on more of yesterday’s data to discover the path to tomorrow. What decision makers need is augmented intelligence. Cosmo Tech’s AIO application offers asset managers the opportunity to model their complex systems, simulate their strategies, identify the impact of their decisions and extract the optimal value from their assets across their entire life-cycle. What Cosmo Tech does goes way beyond big data, data science, or artificial intelligence; Cosmo Tech transforms asset management with a solution aligned with ISO 55000 standards and allowing trade-offs across risk, network, and resource constraints.

For more information, please visit: cosmotech.com


1Spatial specialises in solving utilities’ data challenges. It works alongside key stakeholders within an organisation to understand data requirements and link them to the underlying business needs. Using its constant data assessment methodology, and specialist tools, it assesses data quality; improves understanding and models customer outcomes. Its clients include: United Utilities, Welsh Water, Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, Northumbrian Water, Severn Trent Water and Ordnance Survey Ireland.

For more information, please visit: 1spatial.com

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