James Yu

Job Title: Future Networks Manager

Company: SP Energy Networks

James is Future Networks Manager at SP Energy Networks. He is an elected IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) Fellow and a Royal Engineering Academy Visiting Professor. James joined the UK electricity transmission/distribution industry after he finished his study from Newcastle upon Tyne. He has taken various technical, commercial and management roles in the industry and is a senior manager at SP Energy Networks.  James is accountable for the innovation projects at company level and managing a team of scientists, senior project managers and lead engineers. His team are working on flagship innovation projects at national and European level. James has been recognised by the Innovation Star Award in 2016. James is passionate about education and fully aware of its profound impact on young people’s future. James has strong commitment in the engineering higher education in the UK. He is a PhD supervisor and visiting professor at various institutes, including Glasgow University, University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the University of Manchester. James published over 30 academic papers covering electricity market, transmission network control, renewable generation and engineering education.

Speaking at the following:

Innovation as a vehicle for customer value

Providing flexibility as a safeguard against uncertainty Maximising utilisation and efficiency of existing assets Increasing consumer and ‘prosumer’ choice now and into the smart energy future

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