Keith Owen

Job Title: Head of systems development and energy strategy

Company: Northern Gas Networks

Keith begin his career with British Gas as communication systems engineer, working on a variety of projects supporting the business communications infrastructure and control centre operations. In the following years, he undertook a variety of roles within the industry which in 2013 led to the role of head of asset assurance, overseeing the Distribution System Operator function on behalf of Northern Gas Networks. In 2016, Keith was appointed head of systems development and energy strategy. This new position specifically looks at the role of gas, within the context of the UK energy system, the underpinning infrastructure and the potential benefits a whole systems approach to systems planning and operation can bring, to both the customer and wider UK energy industry.

Speaking at the following:

InteGRel: NGN’s innovation initiative

The benefits of taking a whole system approach Improving strategic planning and asset management Collaborative opportunities

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